The Big Picture
africa's agricultural puzzle
Despite accounting for 75% of the total food produced and 60% of the produce exported by the country, approximately 56% of smallholder farmers still live in poverty and 51% are food insecure during certain periods of the year. This is largely due to the use of limited technology, poor inputs and lack of well defined market opportunities.
About us
Our vision is to be the leading smallholder-driven agricultural development company in Africa, empowering farmers to generate maximum social, economic and environmental impact for communities across the continent.
Our Mission


Delivering effective end-to-end agricultural development services to million of farmers across the region, transforming them into productive global agricultural producers.

Service Delivery Model

Agricultural Inputs

FarmMoja provides smallholder farmers with access to proven, high quality agricultural inputs delivered at the right time and at competitive prices.

Training and Extension

FarmMoja provides smallholder producers with the necessary training and extension to enable them to effectively utilize high quality agricultural inputs and services for improved productivity and incomes.

Market Access

FarmMoja aggregates, value-adds and provides quality market access for smallholder produce, effectively guaranteeing farmers regular and long-term farm incomes.

Financial Services

By creating unique farmer profiles and collateralizing sales contracts with smallholders, we aim to guarantee them access to a comprehensive range of financial services to improve productivity and address cash flow needs.

Our Team
Kevin Kibet Mochama
Founder / Managing Director
Philemon Langat
Field Operations Lead
Bradley Opere
Co-founder / Board Member
Wilson Soy, Ph.D
Board Member / Advisor
Winfred Mutua
Board Member
Charles Kiplangat
Board Member / Advisor
Bernard Amukah
Board Member
Our Impact

Access to Improved technologies

High quality agricultural inputs (Grafted Hass Avocado Seedlings) to 130 smallholder households in Kericho in a pilot program, engaging over 650 members of the community.

Farmer Training Centre

1000 tree demonstration farm established in Kericho to enable research, practical learning and skills transfer for rural farmers.

Food Security

Training on intercropping potential, practices and crop diversification has enabled farmers improve their crop husbandry for increased sustainability.

Employment Opportunities

9 full-time and part-time jobs created alongside the numerous casual labour opportunities provided during various projects.


In 2018, FarmMoja raised $20,000 from a Pan-African angel investment group in its first seed fundraising round. raised for equity, were deployed towards the establishment of a pilot avocado smallholder development program while developing further the core business activities that will allow the enterprise to achieve scale and profitability.

Engaging farmers

more farmers, one farm.

We're passionate about African agriculture and look forward to working with 1 million smallholder farmers across Africa by 2030.


You can reach us here.

  ZT Farm Kericho, KENYA

  +254 700 036556

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